Nuclear medicine imaging test that checks how well the heart is pumping during rest or exercise.

A Multigated Acquisition (MUGA) scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test that creates video images of the movement of the blood through the heart during rest and exercise. It is a very accurate test that can pinpoint many heart conditions early on, which allows for early treatments and complication prevention. Heart Center of Nevada is able to perform this exam in our office with a nuclear medicine technologist who has been specially trained.

Why do I need it?

Your cardiologist may recommend a MUGA to evaluate the pumping action of the two lower ventricles in the heart, any abnormalities in the wall of the ventricles, or abnormal movement of blood between chambers

What should I expect?

During the test, a small amount of radioactive tracer is injected into a vein. A special camera detects the radiation released by the tracer to produce computer-generated movie images of the beating heart. The MUGA scan is a highly accurate test used to determine the heart’s pumping function.

How do I prepare?

We suggest you wear comfortable clothes that can be easily removed. You can eat and take your medications as you normally would.

Are there side effects?

The potential risk for the low exposure of radiation during the exam is low compared to the benefits from the accurate results it can show. There is a rare, but potential risk of being allergic to the radiopharmaceutical given intravenously.

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